The People Stronger Than Senate in Rome

Through a well-organized government a state can function effectively by exercising both social control and allocating power to institutions that function for the well being of society.The constitution embodies principles that serve as a mean to govern its nation.These are regulatory bodies of society that are driven by the constitution and that up to almost the end of the republic had succeeded in maintaining order. As a whole the constitution allowed the existence of an organized government, from which the state benefited, because they were able to concentrate on their foreign policy.Three important aspects of the constitution are the consuls, the senate, and the people of Rome.In theory these three elements are equal between themselves, but in practice some are disadvantaged more than their counterparts.The people as a unit were disadvantage, and less politically involved; a flaw that will later mark the end of the Roman republic.Thefirst part of this essay will be looking at the important roles and functions of each element, and later, how they work for, or against each other.
The important aspect of the constitution is the role and responsibilities of the people.In theory the people were the ones who were suppose to have the right to award both honors and punishments.When there were crimes committed that were punishable by fine, the people had the option to try the cases in courts. For more serious crimes, especially if the accused had held a high position in office and was risking being sentenced, they were allowed to voluntarily take exile upon themselves. The people awarded honor by bestowing office upon those who they thought deserved it.They were the ones who controlled the law courts, through the electoral system.The electoral system is very important because it brings together the state and the general society. The state can interpret the wishes of the people, find a middle ground and transla…


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