The Patriot

"The Patriot" Relating to American History
The movie, "The Patriot," is based on the American Revolution.The movie is a good representation of colonial life during the Revolutionary period.It is historically accurate to some degree.The scenery and the clothing worn by the characters play a major role in keeping the film true to the Revolutionary period in American history.Although characters such as Benjamin Martin and his family are fictional, there are many components that are integral to the film's plot that are factual.Certain events, battles, and people are depicted in "The Patriot" for historical accuracy. The restriction on civil liberties was a major factor prompting Americans to rebel.The movie portrays the colonists' rebellion against the British as a way of leaving injustice.
The movie, "The Patriot," begins in 1776, in South Carolina.In the north, the war against the Crown has begun.The Americans revolt against the British in order to become free of English rule.The colonies are searching for volunteers to join the regular army.Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), the legendary "Hero of Fort Wilderness," is concerned about the effect the Revolution will have on America.The mismanagement of the colonies, the taxation policies that violate the colonist rights, and the distractions of foreign wars and politics in England show the British incompetence in their rule over the colonies.The chaotic and disorganized British rule of the American colonies led to the Revolutionary War.England passed many Acts that were ill conceived and had long term effects on the relationship between England and the colonies.The most controversial of these were direct taxes.The laws and policies enacted were self-serving, which caused the colonists to vigorously resist and try to avoid British authority.The colonists living in America had enjoyed relative freed…


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