The parthenon

The Parthenon is a Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. It is on the Acropolis in the Athens. The Parthenon is a masterpiece of beautiful architecture. It is going to be built from 447 BC to approximately 432 BC. The leader who is in control of construction is Pericles. I was able to get a word with him. “Pericles, what are you planning on building and what is the design going to be?” He replied, “Well…I’m going to sit down with other sculptors and come up with a design. As for the design, you will have to wait and see.”
The Parthenon is a huge, rectangular
marble temple. It contains 17 columns along
each of its sides and 8 columns on each end.
The Parthenon measures about 31 by 10 met-
ers (102 by 230 ft.). In the center of the temple
is a chamber. It contains two rooms that are
separated by a wall. In one of the rooms is a
marvel. In the eastern quadrant there is
a sculpture of the birth of Athena. There
is one at the western quadrant that represents
Athena’s contest with Poseidon. The contest
that is shown is to represent who would be the
patron of Athens. The upper portions, of the
outside columns, show a series of square
panels carved in relief. These panels show show
battles between mythological figures. There are
decorations on the outside of the center chamber that represents the festival of Athena, and portrays young men and women, musicians, priests, and sacrificial animals in ceremonial precession to make an offering to Athena. Every single sculpture in this temple is either painted red, blue, ochre, or gold. The most magnificent of the statues is at the rear of the center chamber. The statue is an ivory and gold sculpture of Athena. The statue is 10m ( 33 ft. ) tall. This goddess has a helmet, a shield on one of her hands, and she is holding Nike, the goddess of Victory, on the


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