The Odyssey

"The man of my dreams, wow!I wonder what he will be like. Oh why does Athena fill such thoughts into my head?What if I never get married? Or maybe her dream was a sign saying soon I will meet the man I am to marry.Oh I could only hope that is what it is.Wow to be married, I can't wait. I will know the minute I lay eyes on him that he is the man I am to marry."
Nausikaa is very excited about her dream the night before.She is perplexed.So she asks her father and mother if it would be ok to go wash her wedding clothes, and they say yes.Now Nausikaa has the whole day to dream about her husband to be, and she is very excited.She heads towards the water to wash her clothes and stumbles upon Odysseus.
"Oh why do my servants run, look at this beautiful being.For sure he is the man that is meant for me.Oh Athena thank you, this is the most wonderful gift I have ever gotten.Look at his muscles and his body.Oh no, he is coming towards me, what do I say, I can't sound stupid, what if he thinks I am stupid.Oh no oh no what to do?"
She stands there wondering what do as Odysseus approaches her, and she becomes very excited and flushed.
"Look at his body.It is perfect.Oh I am weak at the knees.I must take him to my village.He looks like he needs some help.He is talking to me.Look at this.This man is talking to me.He is asking me to take him to the village.Surly my father will love and adore him.He is meant to be with me forever, and I can't wait until this starts.Why else would have his journeys brought him here.Of course it is destiny.The dream, and him ending up where I was washing.It is meant to be.Forever and ever, and I can't wait".
They approach the village, and Nausikaa prays that her father will not hate this man named Odysseus.As they approached her father becomes curious. He was hopeful that her prayers had finally been…


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