The Odyssey

In the poem The Odyssey by Homer a guy, Odysseus, goes on a journey with his crew in search for treasure. On their way they have to face a lot of conflicts and trials. One of their trials is interfacing the Cyclops. The Cyclops is out with his sheep and Odysseus, with his crew, go into the cave not knowing the cave belonged to the Cyclops. The way they got on the island in thefirst place is because Odysseus wanted to see the cavemen. Not knowing where they were going ended up in the Cyclops’ cave. As they were in the Cyclops’ cave messing around with all of his things the Cyclops showed up and shut the rock door not knowing that Odysseus and his crew were in the cave. When he turned around he was shocked to see that there were humans in his cave because all the humans were scared of him for humans is what the Cyclops eats whenever he can. He sits down to eat Odysseus and his crew but before he could Odysseus side-tracked the Cyclops and asked him if he has ever drinkin wine. The Cyclops replies “no” and so Odysseus gives him a glass. The Cyclops enjoys it and thanks Odysseus. He then grabs one of Odysseus’ guys and eats him. The rest of the crew and Odysseus get scared. But being as brave and prideful as he was he made a plan to get out. Since they were too small and weak to open the rock door they had to figure something out to where the Cyclops opens the rock door but not knowing that Odysseus and his crew are not leaving. So Odysseus come up with this plan to carve a large wood spear and jab it through the Cyclops’ eye. So Odysseus did so and the Cyclops became blind in his eye. The Cyclops feels his way to the rock door and pushes it open. Odysseus and his crew start trying to get without the Cyclops knowing. Most of the crew gets out but the Cyclops knows that they are getting out along with his sheep and catches some of the guys in the crew and eats them. Odysseus and most of his crew get out and get back to the boat and his cre…


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