The Notorious Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr was born on February 6, 1756 in Newark New Jersey.His father, Reverend Aaron Hall, was the president of the college of New Jersey, which was changed to Princeton after the college was moved there.He was a professor of mathematics, Greek, and Latin.His mother Esther was daughter of Jonathon Edwards, one of America's most famous religious leaders (Schachner 3-18).Aaron also had a sister named Sally (Schachner 11-18).Reverend Aaron died from fever in 1757, and Esther died from smallpox less than one year later.Aaron and Sally were then taken care of by Esther's parents (Ingram 18-19).
After their grandparent's death in 1759, Aaron and Sally were sent to live with their Uncle, Timothy Edwards, in Elizabethtown New Jersey (Ingram 19).His uncle, who thought he was a troublemaker, often beat Aaron.Aaron was very unhappy there and tried to run away twice.The only time Aaron was happy was when he was studying with his tutor, Tapping Revere, a young Princeton graduate (Ingram 23).Tapping Revere married Sally, and ended up being friends with Aaron for life (Schachner 19).
Aaron was an exceptionally good student.At the age of 11, he applied for admission into Princeton College, but was denied due to his age.He was accepted two years later in 1769, and was so advanced that he was placed in the sophomore class. Aaron was invited to become a member of the Cliosophic Society, a debating club.The main topics debated in this club were the famous issues at the time, unfair taxation and British control.Among peers, Aaron was considered a powerful speaker who was able to persuade others to accept his beliefs. (Ingram 24-26)
Aaron graduated from Princeton in 1772, at the age of 16.He then followed the footsteps of the men in his family, and began religious studies in the fall of 1773.Aaron soon came to find that his personal beliefs did not agree with the religious principles he was being ta…


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