the man

Having just started college the roles I have yet to discover all the roles I will play. As of yet I have played the roles of a student, son, actor, boyfriend and uncle.
The "me" I portray in the classroom is the closer to the real me, I, than any of the other roles I play. The only difference between the "me" in the classroom and "I" is that I am somewhat reserved in the classroom, atfirst, but once I become more comfortable "me" slowly transforms into "I." When I interact with my classmates I treat them as what they are, acquaintances, There are some whom I form friendships with, but I choose to ignore most. I treat my teachers with respect and try to absorb all the material they cover but unfortunately the downside of my transformation from "me" to "I" is that "I" comes with a poor work ethic, so my mind tends to wander a lot.
My role as a son is the "me" I look forward to playing the least. When I am with my parents I am much more respectful and reserved than I am with anyone else. Everything is supposed to be very quite, serious, boring. When I am with my mother or father I do and say everything they have raised me to do and say. Nothing out of the ordinary, all of which drove "I" to choose to go away to school rather than stay there and risk becoming as boring as they are.
In high school I participated in many of the school plays, so one of my "me's" was, and hopes to continue being, an actor. Having absolutely no natural talent to speak of, I am forced to take any criticism I can get to improve my performance. It seems as though acting is the only thing I have ever been really enthusiastic about has been acting so when ever I get the chance to learn more about the craft or listen to someone in the business talk about their experiences I am very attentive. The director/advisor does give me comments about my actin…


I'm Sandulf

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