The Jeffersonian Republicans vs. the Federalists

The early 1800's helped clearly distinguish the views between the Jeffersonian Republicans and the Federalists.During the presidencies of Jefferson and Madison, many issues evolved showing the strong opinions of the two groups.The Jeffersonian Republicans supported a strong constitution, while the Federalists supported broad constructionism.
Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the Jeffersonian Republicans.They disagreed with the Federalists on virtually every issue.When he was inaugurated as President in March of 1801, he planned on making many changes.The Alien and Sedition acts, which were set by the federalists to control public negativity towards the party, were not renewed and those who were previously imprisoned by them were pardoned.Many changes were also made to the navy.Prior to his presidency, Jefferson wrote about his confidence in the ideas of the preservation of the Constitution in a conservative manner.He also states that the Federalists have failed to follow the Constitution accurately and the way it should have been followed. (Document A)The Jeffersonian Republican views are also shown in a document from Jefferson to a minister named Samuel Miller.In this document Jefferson strongly opposes the idea of government in correlation to religion.He states that no power, according to the constitution, was delegated to the general government to assume any authority in religious discipline.(Document B) Jefferson defended the views of the Jeffersonian Republicans throughout his term in office.
James Madison also defended the Jeffersonian Republicans while he was in office.In a message to Congress in March of 1817, he shows his strict interpretation of the Constitution.Here, Madison shares his decision with Congress on an International Improvements Bill.(Document H)The bill asked approval for federal funds that would go towards construction roads and canals and improving water n…


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