The Iraq War

Since 1979, the Iraqi people have been living under a tyrant.The dictator (Saddam Hussein) took over as the President of Iraq after persuading the current leader Al-bakr to step down.The Iraqis' had no idea how their way of life would change over the next thirty years.Saddam led his country with little sympathy towards two of the three Islamic tribes that resided in Iraq.During hisfirst months as president, Saddam had many Shia and Kurdish tribesmen murdered.His distaste for any tribe other than the Sunni became obvious as he slaughtered and maimed thousands of people within his own country.The new president said, "We want our country to achieve its proper weight based on our estimation that Iraq is as great as China, as great as the Soviet Union, and as great as the United States."(pg. 27)In Saddam's eyes, World domination was priority over the wellbeing of his people.Saddam decided to test his military power by invading Iran in the 1980's and Kuwait in 1990.During the invasion of Kuwait President George H.W. Bush decided to intervene and liberate Kuwait.Twelve years after the Liberation of Kuwait the United States found Saddam was not complying with U.N. sanctions and President George W. Bush wanted Saddam and his regime to face the repercussions.On September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists attacked the World Trade Center's Twin Tower's and the pentagon.This was the final button that the U.S. would allow to be pushed.President Bush vowed that Americans would take action.Without the events of September 11, the American electorate would not have supported a war with Iraq (pg. 39). During the summer of 2002, the Bush administration assembled a coalition to deal with Saddam.The Bush administration along with the coalition had three solid reasons to conduct an invasion and overthrow the regime.First, Saddam and his Baathist regime were not fully cooperating with U.N….


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