Who would have taught that a strong group of native Indians from Mexico would someday be defeated by the introduction of Europeans into their own world.It was the year 1519 and many European conquistadors set out to conquest the New Spain.They did not know in which circumstances Mexico was at the present time.
In the city of Tenochtitlan, known today as Mexico City, lived a group of native Indians known as the Aztecs.Many indigenous people from Mexico did not like the Aztecs.The Aztecs were full of violence and some even became cannibals.They sacrificed human bodies and would sometimes eat some of their body parts.European conquistadors went out in search of wealth and in return they were amazed of how Mexico was flourishing, but feared the monstrosities that Mexican inhabitants were facing.The native Europeans went in search of gold as well.The need for the search of gold brought greed within the Europeans and Mexicans.They all envied one another.Bernal Diaz Del Castillo, a native European from Spain, writes The True History of the Conquest of New Spain.It is the only wealth and true story that Castillo leaves to his children and grandchildren.In the story Castillo writes about European attitudes toward the New Spain and its inhabitants.
Castillo states, "Next morning, we came to a broad causeway and continued our march toward Iztapalapa.And when we saw all those cities and villages built in the water, and other great towns on dry land, and that straight and level causeway leading to Mexico, we were astounded.These great towns and cues and buildings rising from the water, all made of stone, seemed like and unchanged vision from the tale of Amadis" (44).It is said in Mexican history that Mexico lies above a huge lake and to Europeans it is very surprising to see a city built on water.Literally it is very hard to believe that buildings and temples can be built on top of water, especially …


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