The Individual European

Question 1:
The individual European has altered in many ways throughout the ages. From the Middle Ages all the way through the enlightenment, the world, religion, God, and life and death have gone through courses of many changes.
During the period of the middle ages, the world was thought to be evil and filled with temptation. As a result, the world turned inwards during this time. Knowledge of the outside world was not recognized and did not want to be known.The world became centered in daily life in view of the fact that an individual European from the middle ages thought that the outside world was foreign and dangerous. However, when the Renaissance came about, the world gradually turned outwards.The world began to examine what is on the outside of itself, and discover itself. From the reformation all the way to the enlightenment, the mind of the common European shifted in a positive direction. All through the reformation and the enlightenment, the outside world was no longer viewed as diabolical or dangerous.Life and the way Europeans lived changed with time as well. During the period of the middle ages, only designated fairs and celebrations such as, May Day, Feast of Fools, holydays, and the Town Faire, which provided news to the locals, tempered daily life. It was also thought that the only dependable aspect of life was religion.Life consisted on where you were born, or to what family you were born into. This is what decided what your future would entail. Life in town was very separate from the outside world. A massive wall and a castle as the focal point surrounded the town. In the renaissance era, however, more people moved to cities and towns, wealth seeped into middle class, and more education and better standards of living were sought. There was a dramatic change in the lives of the individual European in the reformation and the enlightenment era.Life now included happiness and the ability to succeed and be…


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