The Incas

The Incas were South American Indian people who ruled one of the largest and richest empires in the Americas.The capital of the Incas was centered in Cusco, Peru.The Inca empire was conquered by Spanish forces soon after their arrival in 1532.The Inca were skilled in engineering and in crafts.They built a network of roads linking distant provinces of the empire, and their architecture is known for its great size and skillful construction.Overall Incas were very highly skilled people or professionals at heart.
The Incas way of life was not like the Northern Americans way of life.The Incas may have been skilled in craftworks but they were not the most literate people around.They did not develop a writing system so until after the Spanish conquered them there were no written records about them.The Incas survived off of their farms.They did not have plows pulled by animals, in turn they had irrigation systems of their own they built. The main crops of the Inca were corn, potatoes, and oca.They used the corn to make chich, a type of beer.There were many different types of clothing styles for the Incas, it basically depended on what region you lived in.Some of the outfits consist of: alpacas, and llamas made of wool, cotton clothing, fine cloth and jewelry. Another different way of life of the Inca was that they lived in extended-families.
The Incas back then were just like people now a days in ways too.Point being that they were determined by social rank.Religion back then was another way they were similar to today's society.They believed that their most important God, Viracocha created them.
The Inca had no system of money.They normally would trade things to pay people, although the government controlled that.Other ways to get around other than their network of roads consisted of things such as suspension bridges that still are visible today.
The government of the Inca were ruled b…


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