The Incan Religion

Incan Religion
The Incans would worship the dead, such as ancestors, their king, who was divine, nature, and also people who founded their culture which they called heroes.The way that they worshiped nature and the cycles of nature tells us that they felt that time and space was very important to them.They also felt that the calendar was religious, and each month they held a festival for that month.Inti was the sun god who encouraged the earth and man with his rays.They had an important feast that was dedicated to Inti, the sun god; they called it the Intip Raimi.The Incans would wear costumes and would give offerings of silver and gold.The mother of the earth was called Pachama, or Wiracocha, it was an important god, which people believe is to be caused by the importance of Christianity, while others say that it was a hero from their culture that changed into a god.The mother of the earth's full name is "Con Ticci Wiracocha-pachaya," which means: the ancient foundation, the Lord and Instructor of the world.
The Incans also believed in the concept of split personality things, which were shown by hanan, and hurin.Hanan was the high, superior, masculine, right, while hurin showed the low, inferior, left, and feminine side of things.
Inca culture was formed from the evolution of carious Andean cultures that are traced back to twenty thousand years ago.Valdivia and Chavin were the foundations for the Incan empire, where it is said that they have gained their religious system.The Incan empire was destroyed in 1532 by the Spaniards.


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