The Ibo Tribe

The Ibos, which can also be called the Igbos, live in Iboland in Nigeria. They are one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Because they lived in the intense heat of the tropical climate they were required to wear relatively loose clothing. Young boys and girls wore very little or no clothing until they reach puberty.A few of the materials that were used to make their clothing were lace, jacquard, adire, tie dye, Ankara, and many other kinds of fabrics. Women used to wear loose neck blouses, usually long enough to go a little past the waist. Their iro (a skirt), looked like a plain sheet, and was wrapped around the waist and folded in a way so it would stay in place. The women also wore a gele which is a headpiece that looked like a sheet and was folded or tied in a variety of ways on the head. Women always wore unique jewelry with their outfits. The men wore clothes that looked very similar to the women's. They wore loose neck shirts that were usually long enough to go half way down their thighs. They also wore a filq, which is a round cap that was worn on the head.
The history of women in the Ibo society of Nigeria contains two conflicting images. One is of the vibrant, fearless pre-colonial woman who knew herself and her worth and often claimed to be equal with the men in the community. The other is of the subordinate, confused, but still active, modern woman struggling to define herself in an ever-changing world. According to people who have visited and talked to the women of the Ibo tribe, the women are strong, independent-minded people. Even though they used to be beaten often they still took part in the economic, religious, and political lives of their communities. The women in the Ibo community went through many hard times, but they were still very strong women.
The Ibos, like people in most African societies, were polytheists. They believed in and worshiped many gods. They believed that there are three le…


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