The Holocaust

The Holocaust was a period from January 30,1937, when Adolf Hitlerfirst became chancellor of Germany, until May 8,1945, when the war in Europe was over. During these years, Jews in Europe were continuously persecuted. There were about six million people murdered. The Holocaust was not a quick act of mass murder. It was a slow process of five different phases that began with minor restrictions on Jews and slowly got worse over a period of about a decade to the point where the extermination of every Jew in Europe was the policy of the Nazis. The Holocaust, which the Germans called the "Final Solution", had to have an entire bureaucracy devoted to isolation, deportation, dehumanization, and murder of Jews. Many things led to the growth of persecution of the Jews, some of those things were the anti-Semitism in German society, and the Germans needed a scapegoat for their economic problems(Bard 11).
Thefirst phase of the Holocaust was isolation. This was when the all the laws were passed revoking the naturalization and taking away Jews citizenship that had migrated to Germany after 1918(Bard 12). The foreign press gave wide coverage to the Nazis and what they were doing. Many protest went on by Jewish and non-Jewish people. These protest brought up the pretext for the boycott on Jewish businessmen. Jewish businesses started being harassed and so did Jewish employees(Friedlander 41,42). Most Jews lost their jobs and were unable to receive health insurance. Jewish businessmen were forced to sell their businesses below the value price. By the time of 1935 posters started to show up in shops, restaurants, and other public places that read "Jews not wanted". Nazis burned books written by Jews and all books that opposed the Nazis. Jewish people were not aloud to vote and were unable to hold public office. Jewish children were expelled from schools and were banned from cultural and sporting events. There were many limits…


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