The Holocaust

The Holocaust was an event that has changed many people's lives.The Holocaust was an event that resulted in a death for many Jews and a few Catholics.Hitler and the Nazis believed that the world would be a better place without Jewish people.He sent many Jews to concentration camps to have them work for the Nazis with little pay.The Nazis didn't supply people of the Jewish faith much food and gave them terrible conditions to live under.
On a personal level, the Holocaust has affected my life in many different ways.It hurts just to think about all of the people killed and how they were killed from this tragic event.Some of the people were thrown into furnaces and burned to death.If it were me, I would have died from the starvation and wouldn't have had the will to survive.I would rather be shot by one of the soldiers than to suffer a terrible death.
Anne, a survivor of the Holocaust has inspired me to spread the word on the Holocaust so that it will never be forgotten.People can learn a lot from the Holocaust such as to never judge a book by its cover meaning that you should treat people equally no matter what religion someone is.The Nazis killed members of the Jewish faith for no reason except for pleasure because they just didn't like them.Personally, I wish I could have done something to prevent it from happening, but all I can do now is learn from it and try to prevent it from occurring again.
Although I am not Jewish, it affected me because I couldn't stand living under those circumstances.All people should have had equal rights and protection from the government preventing cruel and unusual punishment.I would have cried and prayed that the Nazis wouldn't kill me.In the book "Torn Thread", Eva's father's only advice to her was "what can you do to stay alive for ten more minutes".If I were one of the people taken away by the Nazis, I …


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