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The definition of physical education as in Webster dictionary is as follows: n: training in the development and care for the human body; stress athletics; includes hygiene.In 2001 nearly half of American youth's age 12-21 years old was not vigorously active on a regular basis, if fact about 14% of young people reports no recent physical activities. Inactivity is more common among females (14%) than in males (7%), and it is a well documented fact that inactivity increase as the persons age or grade increases.In this paper I will review and discuss the effect of physical education on man kind throughout history as well as the effect of it today.
Thefirst records of any kind of instructed physical activities come from the Chinese near the year 2500 B.C, proving that man kind has always found importance in his health.The next example found in records would be across the span of two continents in ancient Athens where the Olympic Games were held, however here it was not only physical perfection that was the goal of the athletes but mental enlightenment as well thanks to their world renounced philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato. The Athenians are also where we see thefirst gymnasiums. Thefirst time that actual physical training was introduced to the military was in Feudal France when the legendary (Saint) Joan of Arc introduced a training program for her troops. This program was based off of strong aerobic exercises and was a mandatory activity for anyone who served under her.
In this same time period in a part of the world unknown to most Europeans, Indians were using their own type of body building by using crude forms of dumbbells.By carving handles into large stones they were able to perform physical conditioning.They also carved large holes into boulders to place their heads through in an effort to develop their back and shoulders. Dating back to 1100 there are records of these people followin


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