The Great War

1. The Great War: World War I to a generation unaware of World War II. Began in August of 1914 when forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire invaded Serbia following the assassination of the Archduke. (#3) Within weeks a bi-country dispute became a world war that encompassed almost all of Europe, part of Asia and within years America. Initially however the US saw this as nothing more than another European conflict that had nothing to do with them. The US claimed neutrality but was favoring the allied side with military supplies. In April 1917 the US officially joined the war after numerous growing discontent with Germany's actions in USW. First truly "total war." Resulted in the economic, social, and political devastation of Europe and especially Germany.
2. "Tripe Entente"/"Tripe Alliance": The major powers of Europe had organized into two sides by 1914-The Allies and the Central Powers, or the Tripe Entente and the Tripe Alliance. The former was composed of Great Britain, France and Russia (and later Italy.) The latter was Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Italy. The chief rivalry was between however Germany and Great Britain-Germany wishing to expand to power and Britain being the established, Old World power. (Angelo-German) America sided morally with the Allies, Wilson being an admirer of Britain. Gave trading privileges to them as well, breaking neutrality. Some German and Irish Americans supported the central powers-Irish for their dislike of Britain.
3. Archduke Franz Ferdinand: The heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire. Assassinated on June 28, 1914 while visiting Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, a province of Austria-Hungary that Slavic nationalists wished to annex to Serbia. The assassin was a Serbia nationalist. This local conflict was just the spark to war for the secret alliances. Austria-Hungary launched a revenge attack on Serbia with Germany's support. Serb


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