The Great Depression of the 1930‘‘s

In the 1930’s, the United States lived a terrible economic period. But, before the Stock Market Crash, of 1929 the USA lived the best economic period. This was a prosperous period with many economics? advances. But, everyone feltBlack Friday?, during October with the Crash of 1929, which started a crisis not only in the United States, but also around the world. The reason that this occur was that the United States had stopped exportation and this affected some countries good relations with the USA. Capitalisms, along with the political system that the USA possessed, as a big powerful nation of the world, decayed.
Unemployment went up considerably 11% around the world. In the United
States the total number of people without work was at four millions in 1930, then in 1931 eight million and 12 million in 1932 . There was not enough work for all the people. The exportation’s market reduced because the lack of money. During the 1920‘s the credits were one of the best innovations in the USA, but they had to be suspended. The 60% off all cars and 80% off all radios were bought with credits. In 1925 the amount of credit was from 1.38 billon dollars and in 1929 this increased considerably. The debt was of 3 billions dollars . Other industries like the automobile industries their sales went down and in general the industries produced the middle that they produced before the Stock Market Crash.
The banks lived the worst consequences of the Depression. All the credits that had not been pay, affected the situation. With the debts, that had accumulated, the banks did not have another option better than demand, but the demands did not make effects and the interests continued rising. The deflation reached to big levels during the Great Depression. The prizes fell about 50% . Finally six thousand banks crashed. All these big sales‘ falls originated because the economics? politic that USA de…


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