The Great Depression

The Great Depression started on October 1929 with the end of the war and continued through the 1930's. The Great Depression happened as a result of the devastating aftermath of the World War (World War 1). Socially, Politically, and Economically there were huge changes during this time, particularly to the working class.During this period several extreme political parties were formed. However unlike Europe they were unable to take hold.
Human suffering became a reality for millions of Australians as the depression continued. Many died of disease resulting from malnutrition. Thousands lost their homes because they could not pay the mortgage, they then wandered the streets looking for food, shelter, clothing and more importantly jobs. Many people who lost their homes remained in their immediate community. Some crowded into the homes of relatives, others moved to a shabby section of town and built shacks from flattened tin cans and old crates. The ragged travelers found clothing harder to obtain than food. Missions gave most of the clothing they had to needy local peoplefirst. Some of the travelers became ill because they did not have proper food and clothing, but the Hospitals helped the local peoplefirst.
Between 1930 and 1933, prices of industrial stocks fell about 80 percent. Banks and individuals with investments in the stock market lost large sums of money. Banks had also loaned money to many people who could no longer repay their loans. The deepening depression forced large numbers of people to withdraw their life savings and as a result the banks haddifficulty in meeting the demand as at the same time the banks were facingdifficulty collecting many of their loans. Between January 1930 and March 1933, about 9,000 banks failed, eliminating the savings of millions of people.
Once the depression had started different political parties came to Australia with their own strategies and ideas to convince the Austral


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