The Great Depression

The Great Depressionwas a very hard time for many Americans. Fourteen million Americans were out of work. Dust bowls swept across the west and took out large farms and made farm production decrease rapidly. One good thing during the Great Depressionwas films, music, and books. The Great Depression was a very sad time for millions of Americans.
There were many causes and effects of the Great Depression. One main cause was the stock market crashing. On October 29, 1924 or Black Tuesday, 16.4 million shares of stock were sold. On November 13, 1929 the Dow Jones had fallen from a high 381 to 198.7. The crash of the stock market affected millions. American factories began to close, Thousands of workers lost jobs or received a cut in pay. The Ford Motor factory in Detroit, Michigan, one of the largest Ford factories in America, closed down. Banks in America closed down because they invested peoples money into the stock market and when it crashed people wanted their money and the banks just ran out. The Great Depression was also felt in foreign countries. France and England could not afford to pay back their war debts from World War I. The United States congress made import taxes to high which made it difficult for European nations to sell goods to the United Sates. The two main causes of the great depression were over speculation, during the 1920's the stocks were bought with borrowed money, which made the stock market unsteady.
Farm production decreased during the Great Depression, much do to the violent dust storms. During these dust storms dust blew from as far as Chicago. The farmers couldn't afford to keep their land because of the dust storms killing crop, and suffocating livestock. The dust storms gathered up dust from plains and made a blizzard of dust. People feared their lives and the lives of their family and friends. To be able to keep their houses the peoples family and friends would buy their house from t…


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