The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a ten yearlong economic nightmare that began in 1930. This happened due to the stock market crash in October 1929. During this time, stores closed, small businesses and farms were ruined, and factories let workers go. Children could not attend school because they had no clothes. It affected the lower class as well as the upper class. The people of the Great Depression were in enormous trouble, they lost everything they ever had; the presidential administration helped to relieve the country of the economic disaster it was in.
On October 29, 1929 everyone who ever had money in the stock market lost it. Due to this, most of their money was directly or indirectly related to the crash. People lost jobs, and primarily money. President Hoover, who was president at the time did "too little too late." Most people's pockets were empty turned inside out so they began calling them Hoover flags. People didn't have real money to buy necessities, so people began using substitute checks that were good for certain things. For example, they had a bill like paper for a grocery store named the Piggy Wiggly that read the following "Good for Fifty cents in meats, fruits, and vegetables, Groceries and change. Genuine only when pen and ink signed and thumb printed." People were in desperate needs for food, but they had no money for it so they developed these types of "script."
Farmer's had been in enormous debt since the end of World War I. They were producing more goods than were being sold, therefore they were not prospering. They had no choice but to sell everything they ever had. In an ad for a farm, it read "AUCTION SALE… I will sell by public auction at my farm, 10 miles west of Charlson. Nine Head Horses and All the following farm machinery…" Due to the economic crisis surrounding the farmers, they had no choice but to sell their farms and move away.


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