The Great Depression

During the year of 1929 to 1933,the Great Depression had a big impact in
people’s lives.It began on a Tuesday October 29,1929 when the stock prices at the
New York Stockexchange fell in what was thought to be the most disastrous trading
day in the history of the market and the effects that this had on people left them with a
hard,hopeless,and confusing feeling.Leaving people,specificly the farmers,in debt.
And by looking at photographs that were taken during the Great Depression,I can tell
how hard it must’ve been for those people,having no money,no land,no shelter,no
food,because everything was taken away from them. And so In the following essay,
I will discuss more about my opinion on the photographs that were taken of people that
was effectedby the Great Depression.
The Great Depression didn’t just effected the lives of people but it also had a
huge impact on the economy.In 1930,numbers of unemployment went over 4 million,
asI saw in one photo where it showed a bunch of mens waiting in a straight line,over
100 of them,to be interviewed for a job that needed probaly about 4 or 5 people.I
can’t even imagine how tough it must of been to get a job at that time.I think that even if
those 4 or 5 mens did get that job,it wouldn’t matter because buisness at that time was
very low,and they wouldn’t be making any profit,there for paying the workers that work
there way under the minimum wage at that time.Loosing a job made it tough for people,
loosing land made it tougher for the farmers because the land was given to them,and it
was all a family had in order to be fed but all that was taken away from them,leaving
them confused,and a struggle for survival.As for loosing a job,it was usually tough for
the mens,because they were the ones who had to support their family,and they couldn’t


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