The Gilded Age

The changes that occurred in the Gilded Age led to shaping American into the superpower and well respected international country that it is recognized as today.The most important changes were the discovery of uses of copper, the assembly line production technique and the completion of thefirst transcontinental railroad.
The uses of copper that were introduced during the Gilded Age allowed the development of necessities of life as we know it in the United States today.Because of its ability to transmit electricity and sound, it is used in telephone and telegraph systems and electric lighting – technologies that were developed and introduced during the Gilded Age.It is almost impossible to imagine what our present day lives would be like without telephones, computers and other electronic devices that evolved from the inventions that developed from the discovery of uses of copper during this great period.
Henry Ford's use of the assembly line in manufacturing thefirst cars in large numbers would survive and evolve to being one of the most efficient techniques of manufacturing otherwise complex and time-consuming products.The assembly line, which is still in use in many factories today, would cut the time of production and would also cut down the skills necessary to build and manufacture products.Before the assembly line, for example, a product would be crafted by a skilled person who possessed the knowledge of making the product.It would take a long time to manufacture because the manufacturing would be done alone or by a few workers.The assembly line would have a "line" of workers who would do just one function of the manufacturing process.For example, one worker would only put on a tire and that's what that one worker would do all day long.The assembly line would, in turn, require only laborers, instead of skilled workers, to be used on the assem


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