The french revolution

In 1789 financial times were hard in France. The peasants were upset that the nobles were living lavish collecting taxes, while they suffered. The prices on food were rising and people were starving. The France social system was out of date and consisted of three classes. Thefirst class was the clergy (the man of the church), they paid no taxes and led a good easy life. The second class were the nobles (the people who had jobs in government or in the military) the nobles were separated into two groups, the noble of the robe (the man who paid for there title) and the noble of the sword (the man who inherited the title). These people also paid no taxes and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.
The third class was the largest class, this class was separated into three groups. These groups were the bougusie(the well educated people), the urban workers or San-culottes (the poorest of the group working in the cities) and there was the peasants (people working as salves) these people paid the most tax and suffered the most. Theses people also paid for Frances deficit spending.
Deficit Spending is when the country spends more money than what is coming in. Louis XIV left France deeply in debt. Throughout the 1700 the taxes gradually rose to repay this debt. By 1789 half of the taxes went on paying interest on the debt. This frustration led to a revolt. On July 14 peasants attacked the Bastille. This led in a massive change of government.
The French government issued a Declaration of the rights of man in late August. The document was modelled in a part of the American Declaration of Independence. In it stated that all men are born and remain free. Man also had the right to enjoy the natural right or the right to property, security and resistance to oppression. It also stated there are no different in man except his virtues and talents. It also granted freedom to religion and called for taxes to be levied according to ones pay. But this was st…


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