The Flu Pandemic of 1918

During the course of time certain incidents occur that change the course of our future and our thoughts.These incidents effect the population of the world either positively or negatively.Yet one event stood out to show how with the future brings both knowledge and power.Over the course of this century, scientific research has shown that modern medicine is not as exemplary as we would like it to be, since both we as people, and diseases are continuing a rapid growth or race to extinction of one another.For scientific comparisons, the 1918 Flu Pandemic will be the archetype.
Since the beginning of time man has been haunted and tormented by one thing.Disease.Disease and bacteria have been causing great pain and strife to people since the beginning of time.From the Egyptian's to the pioneers, and now today.As many different forms of diseases break out, society often is caught looking back in history to judge what to do in situations.This includes diseases.Scientists and researchers still haven't found the direct cause of the Great Flu Pandemic of 1918, let alone many others that are taking place this very second.Diseases have damaged society for a long time, the bubonic plague that swept across Europe "during the 1300s nearly half the population of Europe was killed by an epidemic of plague."(Fettner Pg. 1)
Though diseases have been lingering in human society since the dawn of time, many have fought back diseases by researching and creating vaccines and advances in medicine to help the ill.From penicillin to advanced surgery techniques and
Antibiotics, the world has given its best shots to end disease but are still falling up a little short.
Since the beginning of the infectious influenza, which has been taking the lives of many humans for centuries, it has always been consistent with its treatments and symptoms.The flu is well known for being on time.As most are aware of the flu…


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