the eureka sockade

The Eureka Stockade, which took place on Ballarat in 1854, can be seen as
speeding up the process of democracy and self-government, but it cannot be classed as a
turning point in Australia's history. The colonies were already on the track of democracy
when the Eureka Stockade took place. However, the Eureka Stockade did make an
impact on society. The Eureka Stockade could take responsibility for giving birth to the
union movement and plant the seeds of what would eventually become the labour
movement. The Eureka Stockade was very popular with the people of the colony, and this
in itself had a large impact on the colony, it did not influence the colony enough to class
the events of the Eureka Stockade in 1854 as a turning point in Australia's history.
The new Victorian constitution had already been sent to England before the
Eureka Stockade took place, therefore it cannot take credit for setting in motion, self-
government, because it had already started. The constitution was sent to England in
March 1854 , the Eureka Stockade did not take place until December of the same year,
meaning that the process of self-government had been put in place eight months prior to
the stockade. The Eureka Stockade had no real impact on the implementation of a self-
governing body in the colony of Victoria.
Democracy in the colonies was accelerated by the Eureka Stockade, but it was not
started by it . The colony was slowly starting to move in the direction of democracy as
the colony was slowly starting to become fed up with corrupt leaders and not having their
say in matters that concerned them. It was the miners that were the most fed up with the
leaders of the Victorian colony, as the police were corrupt and they thought it was very
unfair that they were charged so much so often for their mining licences. This contempt
for the current system culminated in the Eureka Stockade. T…


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