The England Invasion of 1066

The England Invasion of 1066 and the Significance
In the year 1066 AD a dispute over the succession to the English throne occurred, because of a very unique situation. Edward the Confessor the King of England (1042-1066) died without any children to claim his throne.Moreover, because of this unique incident three people made claim to the English throne. This would cause a historical event, in 1066AD, the Norman Invasion and conquest of England.
Earl Harold Godwinson made a claim to the throne. One reason was Harold and Edward became brothers-in-law when the king married Harold’s sister. Harold’s powerful position, as an earl and his relationship to Edward and his support among his peers made him an understandable successor to the throne. His claim was also, strengthened when the dying Edward supposedly expressed that he had chosen Edward as the next King. In addition; the Witan a council of royal advisors, unanimously selected Harold as King. His coronation took place the same day as Edward was buried.
It is said part of the reason why the Witan quickness in choosing Harold was because of a fear that another invasion from Norway would occur. Which lead to the second rival of a second possible claim. Harold Hardrada, King of Norway ruled Norway jointly with his nephew Magnus until 1047 when Magnus died. In 1042 AD, Magnus had made a deal with Harthacut the Danish ruler of England. Since neither ruler had a male heir, both promised their kingdom to the other if either died without a child. Harthacut died but Magnus was never able to pursue his claim to the English throne because he was too busy battling for the rule of Denmark. Edward became the Anglo-Saxon King of England. After his death and since Magnus was already dead Hardrada alleging that he, as Magnus's successor, was the rightful ruler of England.Hardrada immediately prepared to invade England and destroy the illegitimacy of Harold, when he heard of the coronat…


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