The Elizabethan Times

Even though the past is the past there are multiple eras that changed things around the same period. The Elizabethan Era began in 1558 and lasted until 1603 well after Britain's most honorable queen passed away. During this time period every aspect of life was considerably complex and in our eyes abnormal, such thing would consist of everything from currency to lifestyles and as every one knows religion. While the Britain was going through all of these dramatic changes the most influential poet/play writer was born, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare contributed to in the evolution and growth of England like your couldn't imagine. In his 40 some years of literary creativity, Shakespeare was solely responsible for the creation of numerous life-altering plays such as Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and Othello; most importantly because of Shakespeare's involvement in play writing, Theatre flourished during the Elizabethan Era. A change theatres as well as culture were dramatic occurrences in the Queens era and thanks to the ancient British's mind boggling customs we are what we are today.
Queen Elizabeth I inherited the throne in 1558 at a youthful age of twenty-five. With her reign the English Renaissance lasted from the day she took the throne to 1603 (The Elizabethan ERA, 2000-2003). During her fearless reign things such as literature, theater, and every form of the arts flourished. Probably most known to the educational world, the famous play writer William Shakespeare was born and expressed his love for literature. The Elizabethan Era was a period in time, which shaped and bolded the views and aspects of our present day lives. Even though during the Elizabethan Era a monarch such as Queen Elizabeth I reigned civilization began to become just a little more civilized.
Religion was a thing that every one had in the Elizabethan Era. We were all brought up to be Christians of one sort or another (Secara, 2002). The…


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