The Early America

1. New World civilization: The Aztecs
The Aztecs were the second largest group after the Mayans in the central Mexico region. They werefirst nomadic people and originated in the Pacific Northwest. Later on the Aztecs migrated into central Mexico. By 1100 A.D. they had hundreds of tribes, but these were very poor tribes. One thing that the Aztecs were able in was their determination to be powerful. In fact these tribes were so determinant to rule the territory that by 1325 A.D., the Aztecs were the most powerful. They settled in the Valley of Mexico and built their capital in the only land available to them. The reason why this island was the only land available to the Aztecs was because the tribes that lived in the area were trying to get rid of them. The natives thought that the Aztecs would not bother them after they were driven out on to the islands of the lake. Little did they know that those same people would soon conquer them.
The island was located in the Lake Texcoco, which the Aztecs connected to the shore by causeways. The name of the island capital was Tenochtitlan, which meant "Place where the gods meet". The city could have been considered to be a world wonder. It was eight square miles in size and inhabited about 180,000 people. Tenochtitlan was three times the size of an average city in Europe at the time. From a distance the capital
looked like it was floating in the lake. The city had a brilliant design. Most of the city was held on wooden trunks that were driven in the lake floor. One of the causeways led straight into the heart of the city. Today this street is known as the "Street of the Dead", do to the many human remains found by the excavations. There were four in all causeways that met at the center of the city. Tenochtitlan's Sun pyramid was the second largest in the western hemisphere. The pyramid had a solid structure with tunnels underneath. The capital had another pyramid …


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