The Disaster of September 11th

The Disaster of September 11th
Due to the horrendous act of violence that was brought upon our nation the past year many loyal citizens have wondered, why did this happen and what will it bring forth on to us?The explanation for this question is not easily answered and may never be, but we do know somewhat of is going on and someday hopefully we will learn the truth and solve our worst problem, terrorism.
After the recent terrorist attach of September 11th there have been many question from the public about how and why such a tragedy could happen in the America, the place that most people feel is the biggest superpower of in the world.There are many reasons for this happening one such reason is the fact that most of the Third World countries are in poverty.The effect of not having enough money to meet your basic needs like food and shelter drive these people, terrorist, to become jealous of the wealth of the U.S.The U.S. has what is thought to be the best economic system; we have economic freedom and very good stability.
Another reason for this attack is believed to be rapidly growing population.This means, "that supplies of fertile land, pasture, firewood, and water are increasingly inadequate to meet the demand" (Hammond).Since this is happening many countries are getting poorer and it is also causing ethnic tensions.Afghanistan is highly dependent on farming and raising livestock such as: sheep and goats. Since the population of Afghanistan is increasing at such a tremendous rate there is not enough room for all the people who live there and the land needed to grow crops and raise livestock.Soon they will run out of room and starvation and malnutrition will set in.
Next, there is the fact of the breakdown in the government.The fact that "the CIA was the only organization that took the threat from Osama bin Laden seriously" (Zakaria) very freighting.During the Clinton administration the…


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