The Differences Of the Colonys

IceLand Our Not-So-Cold Friends Of The North
In the spring of 1982 my company, ThermoCorp, launched a multi-billion dollar scientific project to create, and run a community of individuals brainwashed into believing they were the only surviving members of a catastrophic Amageddon. The idea was to see how long a small community of people, a central idea of government and their own infinite power source would be able to sustain peace and prosperity. After trying multiple types of governments, and innumerable power sources, we've narrowed it down to only a few. My job is to find which of the remaining will work the best.
One of our remaining three government types is Parliament. And what better Parliament type to mimic than that of Iceland? It is well documented that Iceland's Scandinavian-type economy is basically capitalistic, but with an extensive welfare system, low unemployment, and comparatively even distribution of income. So we've come to believe, here at ThermoCorp, that our test subjects will ultimately show similar statistics at the end of the trial period.
Also noted is the head of all Icelandic government. Althingi and the President of the Republic. Althingi is comprised of 63 members, all elected for a maximum of four years. When set up in our test group, the data recorded proved to be quite fruitful. It seemed that compared to our other government types, Parliament with an association of a direct president, the elite of the group and the commoners were working together more, and economic statistics were rising.
For thefirst 6 months of the testing period, statistics couldn't have been higher. But as the economy started to experience a halcyon, crime-rate rose and a small faction started to rebel. As more requests were given to the Pseudo-Althingi, and the true law-passing cycle came into view (which consists of bills being presented by the parliamentary committees, and the bills then g


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