The Development of Natural History

First off, Natural Law is demonstrated in the Natural Law Matrix. (This is at the end of this essay.) But Natural Law is basically a system to make sure that the law is king instead of the king being the law. It starts out with God, whom is the creator of all things and is in charge. Basically, everything must align with His law. Underneath God, is Natural Law, which consists of 4 main parts, they are: Do not lie, which basically means that you must keep your word and do not break any promises.
Then comes do not steal, which, to put simply, means do nothing that would be taking something from someone else. The idea of not stealing includes things such as murder. Which takes someone else's life from them without considering the effect and love that has most likely been poured upon them. Another thing that should not be done that is basically stealing is rape, which is basically taking away someone else's not only innocence but in some cases, you're taking away their virginity. There are a million other cases which I could expand on to demonstrate my point but I'm sure that you have it now with my several examples made previous.
Under do not steal, it is stated that all men are equal. This means that no one should be discriminated against or disliked or even persecuted because of a small difference in perhaps appearance, religion, nationality, race, and many others. Derived from that phrase comes the word Liberty, which also means that all mean are equal, and under that is the word freedom,which shows that since all men are equal, they should therefore be free.
Underneath the Natural Law "section" of the Natural Law Matrix, is the Government, and since the Government is under Natural Law, it means the Government cannot do anything that breaks Natural Law, which also leads right back to the fact that the Government cannot do anything that is against God, since Natural Law answers to God.
But the …


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