The Depression

If you lived between the years 1929 and 1940, would you survive?The stock market crash of 1929 was an indication of serious underlying problems in the United States economy, but it was not the sole cause of the Great Depression.The crash merely made the cracks in America's superficial prosperity much more obvious.And, since the causes of the economic crises were complex, the solution to the economic problems facing the United States would be complicated as well (Rogge 67-68).
After the great crash, the American public sought a scapegoat for the economic collapse.Some held president Hoover responsible, others targeted the three "B's"; brokers, bankers, and businessmen.But, the cause of the Great Depression could not be attributed to one individual or even a group of people.The roots of the Great Depression were in the very structure of the American Economy (Rogge 67-68).
The Great Depression, a major even in the United States history.The Depression lasted through most of the 1930's.Everyone's life changed greatly during that time.Millions of people lost all their savings.Seasons were a part of what some people ate during the Depression.They lived on farms and when the crops did not grow, their menus changed.And, many people ended up sleeping in a shelter for the unemployed.
One farmer describes the close friendships made during this time.He explains how there was no relationship between income and the enjoyment of life (Looper).Ninety-nine year old Fentress County man recalls the Great Depression era.Enlo Looper of Clarkrange, Tennessee was only nineteen years old when the Depression began.From 1930 to 1940 some people had it tougher than others.Some just barely got by, and some did not live to see the end of the Depression.Fortunately, for this farmer, Enlo Looper, lived to retell this hard time in Americas history.
While Enlo and his family had it easier th…


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