The Delian League

What where the original provisions of the Delian League? How far did Athens adhere to them between 478 and 445 B.C?
The Delian League (478-461) was an affiliation of Greek city-states. When faced with subjugation from Persia, they and the states in the islands in the Aegean turned towards Athens and her powerful navy for aegis and alliance. As it was led by Athens it is sometimes pejoratively referred to as the Athenian Empire.
The Delian League had many provisions such as allies, an oath, finance headquarters and Synod. Athens adhered to these necessities for a certain amount of time. However they were soon contravened, so that Athens became an imperial state. Thucydides believed that there was no turning point where Athens transgressed these provisions, rather "It was the actual course of events whichfirst compelled us to increase our power to its present extent."
The aims of the League were two-fold. Theirfirst objective was to attain a short-term offensive stance, thereby attacking Persian areas in order to, as Thucydides says "Compensate themselves for their losses by ravaging the territory of the King of Persia." As well as this there was a long-term offensive intention, to maintain the freedom of the Greeks and to create a defensive association to cope with future attacks.
Initially the allies were independent states, they had their own particular forms of government. Conversely, rebellious states soon lost their sovereignty and became subject to Athens.
Aristotle believed it was Aristides "Who swore the oaths to the Ionians that they should have the same enemies and friends to confirm which they sank lumps of iron in the sea." This oath was sworn bilaterally between the Athenians and their counterparts. It was an indication that Athens was to be the hegemon and that the League was undeviating. In this respect it would therefore be seen that an apostasy is recognised as a rebellion…


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