The Decline of The Islamic Empire

There was once an immense empire known as the Roman Empire, it was once the dominant force in Europe and had almost complete control of Europe. The Roman Empire had 55 rulers overall. The empire had an excellent government but they had trouble with keeping a ruler. In fact about three-fourths of the Roman Empire's rulers were assassinated. Rome also had many virulent rulers who contributed to the fall of this gargantuan empire. When this empire collapsed it left a large hole for the Islamic tribes to freely fill. There was no competition so it was like a vacuum and sucked the Islam into its place, and since there was no competition the Islamic tribes quickly and easily spread across the vast area that the Roman Empire left. They were assisted by their military, which was pretty powerful, good economy and very rapid and huge population growth. They prosper and live life very nicely then things begin to go really bad and the Islamic Empire starts its decline because of the three things: the military, the economy, and demographically.
The powerful military was the main ingredient in the Islamic Empire's success, and it also helped the decline of the Empire.Muhammad the Prophet, the founder of Islam, drew Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula to Islam by his forceful personality, the promise of salvation for those who died fighting for Islam, and the lure of fortune for those who succeeded in conquest.The warriors of the Islamic Empire had a very strong will to win. They fought for fortune and prosperity and that is what they got. The Arab warriors fought until the enemy said there were no god but Islam. They outsmarted the opposition and fought with intelligence rather than brute strength. The normal warrior was equipped with light armor, just enough to protect their vital parts. On the other hand the Europeans used very heavy armor that weighed about 60 pounds, this was a disadvantage for the Europeans. Since the Islamic warrio…


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