The Cold War

The end of World War Two left Europe divided.As soon as the war was over, old alliances were quickly forgotten, yet tensions still remained.The biggest tension, however, was between the Soviet Union and the United States.The conflict between these two nations was that of Communism versus "freedom", whether it be through Democracy, Nationalism, or Capitalism.Many events took place over a period of roughly forty years that were examples of soviet communism and the United States attempt to crush it.This time period was termed the "Cold War" although it was not really a war, but merely a competition between to political powers in an attempt to be the best in the world.Some people consider the Cold War to have been a friendly war because, despite cold feelings and rivalry, there wasn't a massive battle and bloodshed.This is not true because during the ongoing competition between the two world powers, battles against Communism were fought with raging war, and tensions were high.
Thefirst example of heated tensions during the Cold War was in Korea.In 1949, the United States and the Soviet Union had troops in Korea.The Soviets supplied Northern Korea with tanks, planes and money in an attempt to spread their Communist ideals.America, on the other hand, supported the Nationalist South Korea. When North Korea crossed the 38th parallel to invade South Korea the United States was quick to come to the aid of the south.The United States president at the time, Truman, stood firmly by his Truman Doctrine, and saw defending South Korea as an act in the crusade against Communism.Fighting raged for months, each side taking turns at forcing the enemy's lines farther and farther back, and gaining new allies and opposition.China, frustrated on their own border encroachment, fought alongside North Korea, and the UN came to the support of the Nationalists.Finally, after three years

The Cold War

Imagine having a war where neither side fought the other because the consequences would be too horrifying, but instead fight for their beliefs! That is exactly what the Cold War was, which is a term that is best used to describe the relationship between America and the Soviet Union in 1945 to 1989. Why were these two mighty nations so distrustful of each other? Itfirst started when one of America's leading generals, Patton, said that he wanted the Allied army to unite with what was left of the Wehrmacht in 1945 and fight the oncoming Soviet Red Army. Churchill was furious that the supreme heat of the Allied command had agreed that the Red Army should be allowed to get to Berlinfirst. Extreme distrust raged throughout the Allies. Some other differences that could have lead to the distrust is that America has free elections when the Soviet Union has no elections, America is democratic and the Soviet Union is an autocratic/dictatorship, and America believes in personal freedom while the Soviet Union wants society to be controlled by the NKVD (a.k.a. secret police.)Another important difference America and the Soviet Union had was America believes in "Survival of the Fittest" and the Soviet Union wants everyone to help everyone. The Cold War was to command universal affairs for decades and many major crises occurred- the Warsaw Pact and NATO, the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall, the Marshall Plan, the Berlin Airlift, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Caused by diverse international factors, the nations of NATO and the nations of the Warsaw pact caused a potentially disastrous struggle for world authority.These two factors caused what George Bush said, "the Cold War began with the division of Europe.".Becoming the western bloc countries, NATO (or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was a military alliance that received threat of the USSR and communism. On April 4, 1949, the original countries (Belgium, Can…


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