The Civil Rights Movement 1900

In the Civil Rights Movement of the 1900's the semi-conservative strategies of Booker T. Washington proved to be a more appropriately developed plan for the gaining of African American equality, the reduction of racial discrimination, and in dealing with the poverty situation of the Black Americans. Contrary to Washington's conservative views, the radical assumptions made by the civil rights activist W.E.B. DuBois proved to an inconceivable alteration to the American society, in that DuBois desired his principles become instantaneously incorporated into the American way of life. DuBois believed that all Black Americans should indeed from the moment of their liberation have at their disposal the right to vote, civic equality and ability to run for public office, and the rightful education of the Black American youth according to his intellectual ability. DuBois commented that without these three self held desires that all Black Americans are to be "made a servile caste,". Booker T. Washington contested however that the Black American could only receive the prize of social equality "through the result of severe and constant struggle rather than of artificial forcing." Washington also subscribed to the belief that Black Americans should be taught a basic skill to earn themselves a position in the rapidly expanding American work force. Washington believed this would reduce the poverty rate among the Black Americans and would encourage the students to pursue further education. The beliefs of Booker T. Washington although hounded by scrutiny of critics calling Washington his races largest detriment, still proved to be the most adherent path for the progression of Black American equality.
The civil revolution of the 1900's produced an opportunity for men to make a positive change in American society. Booker T. Washington was one such man whom took advantage of this opportunity and produced his pa


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