The Celts

The celts were ancient people full of beautiful arts and mystical practices of all sorts. They started to become recognizedaround 1300 b.c. and lived primarily in eastern europe. THe celts infulenced all kinds of other cultures throughout the world and are still known today for their doings.
The celts way of life was a hard working one, but they looked beyond the daily cycle of drudgery to a world full of infinite possibilities. they loved all things beautiful, vanity was not reproached but considered normal and admirable and representing a proper sense of self worth. genorosity was prized above all else, to be generous and open handed not to count the cost, were the marks of a true hero or heroine. next to generosity was wit, words were a tool so powerful they could defeat an enemy on the battlefield, bring down a bad ruler, dismiss an unsatisfactory lover and overturn a poor judgement. their love of words has fortunatley survived in many poems and stories.
The biggest thing the clets are known for their magical protectors. They were the ones with nature and protected it because they needed it to live. The word druid means the people of true vision. It was said they built Stone Henge, but it is not for sure. We do know they used it for rituals during the the summer solstice. They not only handled religious matter but also political. The entire druidical knowledge was entirely oral and memorized which took years of training for a druid to complete. At the end of all the training the druids were considered so wise their decisions seemed to never have been questioned. They were also know to be able to walk onto the battle field and stop the battle that was about to happen by just chanting. The celts never would have gotten very far if it werent for the druids.
Overall the celts left us much to learn from their many ventures in the time they were here, and mostly their way of life, for they teach us to live out out li


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