The Causes of the Cold War

The Cold War lasted for over half a century, and many different factors fuelled the battle. All three major nations that were involved helped to escalate the Cold War farther. The Soviet's actions in Eastern Europe, American, perhaps too aggressive actions against Soviet expansion, and Churchill and Britain's ability to force America into an anti-Soviet stance, all aided in pushing the Cold War farther into a bitter battle. Post World War II the'Big Three' had agreed that all liberated nations would proceed to having free elections. In many of the liberated nations free elections did occur, but by 1947 Communists took control of government in Poland, Hungary and Romania. By the next year, all Eastern European nations had Communist governments. This rapid expansion of Communism into Europe helped to cause the Cold War. These actions also caused a fear of Communism within America. America then counteracted and President Truman initiated the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. The Soviets interpreted these actions differently then Western society. The Soviets saw these actions as aggressive and then defended themselves. This caused a continuous escalation of the relationship between the Soviets and the USA. Winston Churchill and the British Empire also played their own roll in fueling the Cold War. Churchill openly accused the Soviets of having expansionist policies and stated that an alliance needed to form between Britain and the US to stop Soviet expansion. This allowed President Truman to make his anti-Soviet policy public. Also, Churchill's proclamation forced America into an anti-Soviet policy. With all three, America, Britain, and the USSR, playing roles to further the Cold War, we can see that each nation and their leaders caused the Cold War.


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