The Causes of the Civil War

The American Civil War was the bloodiest conflict ever fought in United States history.It killed more Americans than any other war added together not including Vietnam.Because the war was continental, every family was and possibly still continues to be divided over the causes and its lasting effects.The causes of the Civil War are extremely complex and debatable. They range from personal to political and moral to economic.However, the most debated issue of the entire conflict was the role and involvement of slavery.
Dr. James Oliver Horton, a professor of American Studies and History at George Washington University, felt that slavery, "…was not the only cause, or the only important cause, but it was the central cause.If you take slavery out of the equation, you don't have a Civil War with the sides involved as they were" (Brechbill).While the tariffs, taxation policies, and states rights were factors, the "Confederate Soldiers fought for honor and for the Southern way of life" (Brechbill). Some still argue that slavery was not an issue because it was avoided for the entirefirst year of the war. However, others felt it was a major issue because it was the nail in the coffin for those who wanted to keep the Union preserved.
During the 1800's, the United States was passionate about expanding their country from the coast of the Atlantic to the coast of the Pacific.To justify this need, they coined the phrase Manifest Destiny.This was a way of implying that fate and God would sanction the growth of their country.This was a way to justify taking the land of others under their control, such as the annexation of Texas.This lead to many conflicts, including the Mexican War (Webster's Vol. 6 1609).
The Mexican War added new territory into the equation with the question always being whether or not the land would become free or slave states.By the Missouri Compromise in …


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