The Cause of World War One

When you watch television today, you're most likely to see the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard and the President of the United States of America, George Bush.Why? Because the have joined army forces to begin a war with Iraq over weapons of mass destruction. Although back in the early 1900's thefirst world war began because the wanted to take over land.
One of the main causes of WW1 was because of the land that Germany and Austria- Hungary were trying to take over. Another cause of WW1 was because the Serbs wanted Independence. Where on the 23rd of July, a secret organization called, The Black Hand, assassinated Franz Ferdinand, who was Heir to the throne of Austria Hungary. The Serbian Government was blamed for this and declared war on each other.
When war had been declared, countries began to form alliances with each other. The Triple Alliance began to form in 1879 with Germany and Austria. Then later on in 1882, Italy joined the Dual Alliance to form the Triple Alliance.
Then in 1892 a Franco Russian Alliance had been formed between France and Russia. In the early years of the 1900's (1904) Britain and France also formed an Alliance called the Entente Cordial. Then by 1907, a Triple Entente formed, which consisted of France, Russia and Britain. The central powers were Germany, Austria- Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria. The Allies were Britain, British Empire, USA, Russia, Italy, France and Belgium.
During this time Australia was in the middle of an election campaign, and both the opposition leader and Prime Minister said that they were willing to support the British with their conflict against Germany. Although New Zealand had compulsory military training, Australia pledged 20,000 men to go to war. Australia raised a new army of volunteers – the Australian Imperial Force (the AIF). The fleet with the Australian Division assembled in late October, and they were then joined by the New Zealanders. They


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