The California Gold Rush

In January of 1848, the largest migration in human history began.This migration was the great California Gold Rush.Travelers from all over the world came seeking a quick richness.This event was what formed some major cities in California, and also changed many things in California at the time of the great rush.
The big race for gold was started at a small mill, about forty miles up the American River from SanFrancisco.This mill was named "Sutter's Mill" after the owner, John Sutter.One day, one of John Sutter's foremen found a few tiny gold nuggets in the river.The foreman, Sam Brannan, ran to Sutter shouting, "Gold!Gold!Gold from the American River!"(Ketchem, 2)The two men locked themselves in a room, talked it over, and tested the metal out.It really was gold!
None of this news was published until about a week after the find.When it was published, the newspaper, the Californian, was thefirst to do it.It stated, " Gold mine found- in the newly made raceway of the sawmill erected by Captain Sutter on the American fork gold has been found in considerable quantities."(Stein, 8)Actually, this publication was not true.Only a few gold nuggets were found, not considerable quantities.
California residents rushed to the California Valley to find riches for themselves.Merchants, doctors, lawyers, tailors, blacksmiths, and wheelbarrow makers all became gold hunters or merchants selling needed items for the gold seekers.As a gold hunter, B. P. Kloozer wrote home," I am almost crazy… Excuse this letter, as I have the "gold fever" shocking bad."(Stein, 7)Everyone dropped what he or she was doing to go search for gold. The last newspaper published before the gold rush reported," The whole country from SanFrancisco to Los Angeles resounds with the sordid cry of gold.GOLD!GOLD!GOLD!While the field is left half planted and …


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