the bushy bonham

Well Mr. Bonham you served you country well. You made the world safe for democracy. If it weren't for brave soldiers, such as yourself America wouldn't be the way it is today. If we didn't have brave soldiers we could very well be under the rule of another country. Sometime sacrifices must be made.
Don't forget u volunteered son. You fought for your country with honor and never lost your dignity. Sometimes this happens, and there is nothing you can do about it. You should be happy your still alive. Son I believe I can get you out. I'll bring you to congress. We'll discuss justiceand honor. We'll smoke cigars and drink bourbon with all the war generals. We will talk about our battle stories, but not as employees of the United states government, but as friends. How does that sound?
That all sounds really great Mr. Bush, but there is only one problem. I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t want to be you drinking buddy. And I don't want to discuss my war stories with you or any of your slack-jawed politicians. Here I am in France! Can you even get me home? Give me liberty or give me death…. I'll take neither.
You didn't even answer my question. Can you get me out? But no u went around it like a good politician should. The only hatred I have in my heart is not for Germans but for you. You want to befriend me. You just make promises you wont keep. Yeah, I'm supposed to believe your taking me to congress. I know what your thinking in your head about that idea Bush…Over my dead body.


I'm Sandulf

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