The Boston "Massacre" or Victims of Circumstance?(1770)
The acount as described by Captain Thomas Preston surrounding the events occuring on March fifth of seventeen hundred seventy, contains a more precise detailing of the happenings on that fatefull day. The colonists of Boston were predisposed to feel resentment at the arrival andcontinuation of Brittish troops to remain in Boston causing many to feel oppression from England. The feeling of occupation and dislike of forein intervention into their daily lives, wouldgenerally lead one to surmise that in situations where altercations between troops and the civilians had taken place, the bias on the part of colonist’s could very well lead to an imbelishment oftheir participation in such episodes. Soldier’s from Brittain with status,(such as a captain) were of an educated background and in enforcing the Kings law would treat colonist’s as they would havetreatedEngland’s subject’s. With the animosity towards his Majesty’s troops by the colonist’s, a person in the position of Captain Preston was responsible for the tranquility of the people and the intent to resolve disputes, without causing an enraged population to rebel against the control ofhis troops. What makes the report more credible on behalf of Captain Preston is the surrender of his own volition to the sherrif.
The continuation of refering to the incident as The Boston Massacre was a form of propaganda allowing for discontented civilian’s to become more disobediant and enabled the articulation of their argument that the occupation by the soldiers was an affront to the freedoms they had been accorded by being so distant from the Brittish Empire. The word "massacre" entails a definition of horrific acts so unspeakable as to propagate an idea of inhumane and unjust treatment and to incite opposition to the inhabi…


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