The beginning of tv

Is television appropriate, especially in the home of a growing child? To find this answer we have to review why it wouldn't be and why it could be appropriate.Which, pro or con, weighs higher in the argument. In order to prove either way I have to show how it exactly affects the child.
When Children are born they are born with all the brain cells they will ever have.Once you are born you do not grow more brain cells like the other cells of the body such as skin and bone cells. You ask well how is that true if their brain does not grow then no one could ever increase in knowledge. The brain grows by increasing brain connections within the nerves of the brain. Scientists have proven that children form these brain connections at a rate of 10 times the rate an adult does.Have you ever noticed that you could learn and pick up on things when you were younger then now that you are older? This is why, your learning ability is higher when you are young.Because of this a parent of the children or guardian has to provide a high learning environment for this child!
Televisionfirst came out it was in 1939 at the worlds fair in France.The TV as it is known today is completely different from the original TV.It started as commercial television. Today there are some commercials but the main things we see on TV such as shows and movies are public broadcasting. Not until 20 years later did public broadcasting start. Public broadcasting started as completely educational such as PBS.This has changed greatly within the last 70 years!Today the content of TV is unbelievable!
American children watch an average of three to fours hours of television a day. Television can be a powerful influence for developing value systems and shaping behavior in children. But, much of today’s television programming is violent. Hundreds of studies of the effects of TV violence on childr


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