The Beginning of New Society

European settlers around the country were looking for a new place to settle and make businesses.They have no idea how prosperous this "New World" going to be.The rip of two different cultures was mostly based on religion differences.The Puritans, who want to get away from the Church of England, moved to Plymouth in the 1620.They believed the God would destroy England, so they fled to the New World.Then around 1600s, King James I was interested in North America as a possible location for English settlers.Many Protestants moved to the South.Through the years there have been many different colonies form in the United States, but the most important colonies were Northern and the Southern.By this time two different cultures had formed.
Between the two colonies there held differences in economics, political, and social/cultural.Their way of lives, and their way of beliefs were not similar.In the South they are farmers.They grew different kind of crops.Columbus introduced corn to the European.Corn was their source for food, but when the Virginians tried to grow corn, they figured out that it was very difficult.So they tried to grow tobacco, and see what will happen.By this time the South realized that their main money making crop was tobacco.In the 1612, John Rolf planted the West Indian tobacco seeds.Thefirst commercial shipment to England left the colony in 1617.The tobacco was grown on plantations.Majority of the South is making money from farms and plantations.They are located near the coast, so the other crop they grew was rice.
In the Northern they are more advanced than the South.The North knows how to use their trees.It was a long-lasting resource.Mast for ships and staves for barrels were crafted from New England limber.The most important New England export was fish.Around the 1640s, Englishmen started to fish in the North Atlantic.Ships were build, and training fo…


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