The Battle of Fallen Timbers

The Battle of Fallen Timbers was the key to opening up the Northwest Territory in 1794.There was native unrest in the area and settlers were being killed.Two Generals failed in their attempt to clear the area.The third General, Anthony Wayne, would not fail.This series of events led to the Northwest Territory being more widely settled as well as the eventual statehood of a number of different states.
The story of Fallen Timbers begins prior to the actual battle.Colonists had begun to settle the territory before soldiers were able to enter and to move the Native Americans out.The Indians were killing many American citizens.The Indians were not the only group behind the attacks on the American citizens.The British were training, equipping, and giving tactical advice to the Indians (Phelps 4).In the Treaty of Paris of 1783, between America and Britain an agreement was made to allow the British to garrison forts within the Northwest Territory.They were permitted to do so until America settled its differences with the Indians that helped the British in the Revolutionary War.Fort Miami, a British fort, was established in the Northwest Territory.The natives regarded the Ohio River as the boundary between America and their land (Preservation Commission 1).The actual border that was established by the Treaty of Paris was the Great Lakes.The Great Lakes were to be the border between British territory and the American.The British did not want to give up their stake in the Northwest Territory since it was important for the fur trade (Pratt 2).
Prior to the Battle of Fallen Timbers, President George Washington ordered soldiers into the Northwest Territory in 1793 to subdue the Indians and push the British out of the Northwest Territory.President Washingtonfirst looked to General Josiah Harmar to lead an expedition in pursuit of the goal into the Territory.Harmar was ambushed and his army was quickly des…


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