The Basic Problem in the Federalist #10

The basic problem that Madison is addressing here is to insure the protection of

the minority who is equally important as the majority.Because of the majority, factions,

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which are parties in the government that push their ideas and political opinions forward,

are formed.Because of the large size and fortitude of the majority factions,it is almost

impossible to ensure the protection of the weak minority factions.A solution to the

control of the majority faction is to have some form of government.The two most

common forms of government are a democracy and a republic.A democracy won't

work in the control ofmajority faction for two reason.1)A democracy uses majority

rules.That's contradictory to what Madison says!2)A democracy is direct and direct

democracies cannot protect individual rights and property rights.Madison believed a

republic suited better for the job of controlling majority faction.

There are two important aspects of why a republic is better.1)A republic has

representatives." Representative government is needed in large countries,not to protect

the people from the tyranny of the few,but to guard against the rule of the mob."2)

A republic can meet the standards of a growing population and increasing land size."

…the greater number of citizens and greater sphere of country over which the latter may

be extended." The larger the population, the more representatives.This also means

more dissimilarity of interests which destroys the formation of majority faction.

By reading this essay,it seems to me that Madison cared for affairs of the less

fortunate then the affairs of the better off.


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