The Aztecs

In the Aztecs society there are five classes, which are priests, nobles, merchants, commoners, and slaves.This paper will give the (a) definitions and roles of each classes (b) legitimization of each class (c) mobility in and out of each class and (d) the possibility of elimination of the classes.It will also cover the functional and conflict view of the all the classes.
First, we will explore the lifestyle of the priest.The priests were introduced to the priesthood by their parents when they were young.Although there was both priest and priestesses, it was more common for males to be priest. There were a number of priests that fulfilled the full-time priestly roles in some of the Temples.It was said to be about 5000- priest in a dual temple of Tenochtitlan at one time.The priest were expected to have a saintly life, righteous life; of pure heart, good, and humane; a peace maker, constant, resolute, and brave.The priest also had different ranks that can be achieved according to their age and how many duties they could perform.That is a sign of mobility within the class.A sign of mobility outside of the class would be that the priest could come from either a noble or commoner background. The priest role was made acceptable by everyone in the society because they played an important part in the society.They had to the skills to be a warrior, a teacher, a mediator between the gods and the people and many other things.So, this could be also be viewed by functionalist as how it should be.Given that the priest had the necessary skills to perform needed duties, which would give them a high prestige.The possibility of elimination of this class would be bad because the priest was often needed in the Aztecs society in order for it to function.But there was a chance for a priest to be demoted from his position if he could not perform certain magic or continue to do his duties.
The next class that will be disc…


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